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Behind T h o s e Eyes

  Maia --> Belle: Can you give me Bentley Rosdahl's phone number? Belle --> Maia: What makes you think that I would have that guys number? Why do you want that guys number? Maia --> Belle: Why wouldn't you? Have you looked at him? I want his number so I can either call or text him. Why else would I want it? Belle --> Maia: Um, I think he's gay. He's not interested in any girls. Maia --> Belle: Gay? Really? Belle --> Maia: I reckon him and Heath Sontag are hooking up in secret. Maia --> Belle: Maybe he's just not interested in any of you, have you thought of that? Belle --> Maia: Never considered that to be honest. <screenshot sent> I think that's his number. You can try it.  Maia --> Belle: That wasn't so hard was it? Belle --> Maia: Do you really want to tune Bentley? He seems to... Unapproachable and a little bit scary. I think he's on drugs. Maia --> Belle: An unapproachable, scary, drug addicted homosexual. Are

Interview with the Bentley...

 Bentley Smith is the main male anti-hero of The Katelyn Diaries book series. He is handsome, enigmatic and carrying a lot more than Katelyn believes. Tonight on Behind the Pages, you're going to be treated to a Q&A with a character that has become so much more popular than I ever believed he would when I began the series. Q. Where are you from Bentley? What is your heritage? A. My father was born in Norway and my mother was born in Australia. I was born in Australia. I am a dual citizen of both countries after applying for dual citizen when Norway started allowing people to do so. I lived in Norway for a year with my family when I was 17. Q. Do you find it easy to forgive others? A. The answer to that is a little complex isn't it? It depends on the person who needs forgiveness. Some people are easy to not forgive and simply to forget about them. However, there are some people who could stab you and you wouldn't just forgive them, you'd apologize for bleeding on the

(Don't) Judge a Book by its Cover.

Over the past two years I have grown to realize that what I once believed was the hardest part of writing a book is in fact that easiest thing in the world for me to do. Writing is easy because I love to write. It's where my heart is.  It wasn't until I finished writing my first book and needed to consider the many things that come after the writing, that I realized I had absolutely no idea what the term 'hard' meant when it came to my career in professional writing. I had no idea that when you decide to go down the route of self publishing that you're the writer, the proof reader, the marketer just to name a few - You're all those things that you have absolutely no idea how to do. You have to teach yourself on the fly. This week I did the mock up of the cover for my second book. I wouldn't call myself a designer to any degree of the word, I'm not artistic in the visual sense, but I didn't want to work with people who I don't feel a connection wi

d r e a m i n g you into life

I watch her from across the dance floor. Her hands are extended in the air and her hips swing freely in time with the music, absolutely lost in the moment. There's a simple beauty about the careless abandon that she exhibits. A drunken guy saunters up behind her, moving in close mimicking her movements, if she notices him there he wouldn't have a clue. There's no recognition or care for the attention until mid way through the song she steps forward slightly and turns around shaking her head at him; no. I would be beginning to judge the unsolicited attention giver, if I wasn't completely aware that I'm the creep sitting across the club staring at her.  It's made abundantly clear to me that it's not my job to even care when someone else joins the mix. Another bloke who pushes the would be sexual grifter away, before his attention turns back to the girl. His arms are moving in a vastly different way to hers, he's screaming in her face and giving her a shove